Kaer Maga to CC Campaign (Unfinished)

After the Funeral...
Brief recap of the previous episode.

The party had just overseen the pall-bearing and lowering of the late Professor Petros Lorrimore, the fact that to get from point A to point B included more than a little quick and slick negotiating on the part of Kalazar (with some help from Dendro and Co.) to get a group of thugs to stand down only makes the funeral more interesting. Not many people were in attendance, but notably a few members of the town’s Council were in attendance, along with the town’s main priest of Pharasma and a couple grave diggers.

After the funeral, Kendra invited the party back to her home for drinks and the reading of the will (and also to stay the night and perhaps have some dinner) where they were to await the arrival of Councilman Vashian Hearthmount who was to read the will. While they were waiting the arrival of an expected guest (unexpected to the party) interrupted the mournful hour. An old associate and friend of Professor Lorrimore, Gavin Burke arrived late, but in proper funeral attire…for an adventurer anyway. The alchemist made his greetings and gave his condolences to Kendra Lorrimore, shortly after his arrival came the knock from the Councilman. Then came the reading of the will.
To sum up, the terms of the will are as follows: Stay in Ravengro for at least One Month, Deliver a chest of books to Lepidstadt (mostly to former colleagues of Prof. Lorrimore, but also one book to a local Judge, Embreth Daramid) and in return each will receive 100 platinum coins from Embreth Daramid upon delivery of the books. The will was written approximately a month before your arrival in Ravengro.

The journal has a few interesting bits- and is attached.
The group responded to this new information in two ways- investigating and researching the Whispering Way and the Prison at the Temple of Pharasma and also in the library at the Lorrimore Estate. Conrad also volunteered for the role of Kendra’s Bodyguard- in case she needs one. At least some of the party noticed more than passing glances between the two and may suspect ulterior motives. In anycase, the rest of the party leaves on fact-finding missions and finds much to worry them further. Information on the last 5 (and most notorious) prisoners of Harrowstone, as well as further information on the secret society known as the Whispering Way.
The group also attempts to bolster their magical supplies and encounter the magic shop owner (and schoolmaster) who nervously admits that the Flesh Golem Manual in his possession may have been stolen before he acquired it…and reluctantly turns it over to the group- not without the least bit of creative posturing from the former faculty member of the University of Lepidstadt- Gavin Burke (as the manual has apparent markings linking it to the university and one Montagnie Crowl- a professor of Antiquities who is also the contact for the return of the books that Prof. Lorrirmore borrowed from the University).

Time in the town is strange, not the least concerning thing to occur was an encounter with a group of children singing a song not-so-subtly about the 5 prisoners the group had recently researched. Dendro gleefully played on their curiosity, inflating their fears (and fun) with some proper knowledge and some bold-faced additions to the existing legends. The encounter in the magic shop was also particularly unnerving, almost as unnerving as the feeling running through the streets and people of Ravengro (all of whom, save Kendra, seem wary of the strangers). As the group heads off to the Restlands, sans Conrad Ashur and Kendra Lorrimore, to investigate the hidden cache left by Pharasmin priests long ago, they notice that the monument left standing in memory of the Prison’s Warden and his guards has been vandalized, and not simply painted…but covered in blood and defaced with a large V…not at all unlike the Modus Operandi of the “Splatter Man” the group recently became aware of…of course it can’t be the “Splatter Man” as he, and everyone else that was trapped in Harrowstone- DIED some 50 years ago in the fire that was apparently set while the guards attempted to stop the prisoners from overwhelming their ranks and escaping to terrorize the town.

Now, the group suspects that someone, or something, is continuing the Splatter man’s twisted game and is spelling out a new victim’s name in blood. So far the party has met two people who’s names start with V. Councilman Vashian Hearthmount and Father Vauran Grimburrow (Cleric of Pharasma)…of course they are far away from warning anyone of the potential danger (if anyone would believe them) as they search out a cache of materials alluded to in writings left behind by Professor Lorrimore. Having gained entry into the false crypt and found what is likely to be where the tools are stored…the group is beset upon by giant centipedes which slipped in through cracks in the walls behind the party members and currently engage the party…

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